Ring Doorbell – Who Stopped By Your Home?

This article explores the Ring Video Doorbell and its ecosystem. On another post we compare various Ring Video Doorbell Models.

My Uber driver got a call on his phone. It sounded like a door bell. He answered the call and entered into a video conference. On the other end of the video call, was a handyman holding his toolbox.

The handyman had started the video call by ringing the driver’s Ring Video Doorbell. The driver had answered his door remotely using a smartphone. I was fascinated by the whole experience.

Like my driver, you too can answer your door remotely by installing the Ring Video Doorbell device. If you wanted to hear the doorbell when you are inside your home, you can either connect the Ring Video Doorbell to your existing wiring or install the Ring Chime Pro. You should plug the Ring Chime Pro to an electrical socket inside your home. When someone rings your Ring Video Doorbell, the Ring Chime Pro will make a sound. Your Echo Spot can also show who is at your front door ringing the Ring Video Doorbell. For Echo Spot to do this, you must first download the Alexa App in your smartphone and enable the Ring Skill in the Alexa App. Now, when you hear a chime, you can say cool stuff like “Alexa, show me who is at the door”.

At a minimum, the Ring Video Doorbell requires an internet connection at your home, a WiFi Router, and the Ring App installed in your smartphone.

You must purchase the Ring Protect Plan separately ($30/year). This plan allows you to go back in time and view videos related to doorbell rings and live motion events. The Ring Video Doorbell has night vision and doubles down as a motion detector also. Without the Ring Protect Plan you can still get alerts on your phone for live doorbell rings and motion events.

Ring Video Doorbell with a Ring Protect Plan is your smart home security system.

The Ring Video Doorbell‘s closest competitor is the Nest Video Doorbell. Both systems are quite similar at price points and monthly subscription fees.

If you like Echo Spot/Alexa buy the Ring Video Doorbell. If you like Google Home better, buy the Nest Video Doorbell.

Another alternative is the SkyBell Video Doorbell. Unlike the Ring Video Doorbell or the Nest Video Doorbell, the SkyBell Video Doorbell does not require a subscription to view past videos and events. SkyBell Video Doorbell stores past videos and events for a week on the cloud for free. It boasts a bunch of features like HD Video, Color Night Vision, On-Demand Monitoring, and Multiple Users to maintain feature parity with Ring Video Doorbell and Nest Video Doorbell.

Like the Ring Video Doorbell, the SkyBell Video Doorbell also works with Echo Spot/Alexa.

Winner: Ring Video Doorbell. When all three systems are similar, customer service takes priority. Ring Video Doorbell, is backed by Amazon and they will even replace the device for FREE if it gets stolen.

Avoid burglaries with a Ring Video Doorbell


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