Revealed – The best chopper for dicing onions

The best chopper for dicing onions is not the most expensive, but rather the simple but efficient Vidalia Chop Wizard


  • Does not come with 7, 8, …, 13 useless attachments.
  • Comes with the dicer blade, which is absent in most other competitors. The dicer blade is the blade with the smallest squares.
  • The dicer blade is strong and can dice onions. Be sure to split the onions into 3 or more pieces before you start dicing.
  • The blades are molded into a plastic panel, and not a separate attachment like its competitors. This means less danger to your fingers from cuts during fixing the blade on the unit. Also, the blades will not pop out when force is applied. The dicer is on one panel and the chopper is on another panel.
  • The lid itself is used as the press. In most other models the press makes a part of the lid. With Vidalia Chop Wizard you will have more surface area to apply pressure evenly. In other words, you can use two hands to press.
  • In-expensive. Most dicers will break at some time. You can lengthen Vidalia Chop Wizard’s life by slicing large vegetables into smaller pieces before chopping or dicing. When dicing onions, make sure you slice it into 3 or more smaller pieces before placing it on the Vidalia Chop Wizard.


Vidalia Chop Wizard 67366, Large, Green
Vidalia Chop Wizard Elite

The Elite model has a stainless steel insert for added weight, making it easier to chop and dice.


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