Penetration Testing, Kali Linux, Virtual Box, Mac, Windows by Exdiscoran.

Kali’s is the destroyer of evil forces within yourself and against yourself !

Setting up Kali Linux for Penetration Testing is a breeze. Kali Linux is one among the many tools used by Application Security Engineers (ASE). ASE engineers are in high demand and earn on an average $130,000 USD [SF Bay Area 2019]. Many large companies especially in social media and financial services have open requisitions on ASE job roles. Government projects that require application security and clearances also create a demand for ASEs. Today [USA-Dec 2018], there are over 200 open jobs for the term “Kali Linux” and over 40,000 open jobs for the term “Application Security Engineer”.

The first step in exploring this career is to setup Kali Linux, which is optimized and pre-packaged to perform white hat penetration tests. Kali Linux is based on Debian Linux. All you need to get started is a Windows or Mac laptop.

Watch the below video for step by step instructions on how to setup Kali Linux on your Mac or Windows laptop.

The next step is to experiment on your setup. If you are serious, I recommend the following books.

Try out their ideas on your setup, and get ready to interview for Application Security Engineering Jobs!

Links for download:

  1. Download Virtualbox for Mac, OSX
  2. Download Virtualbox extension pack
  3. Download Kali Linux 64 bit

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