How to install and run Ubuntu 18 on Mac, Windows, using VirtualBox by Exdiscoran

The word Ubuntu refers to the African philosophy for human kindness. Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu as follows: When a traveller through the country stops at a village, people give him food and attend to him of their own accord.

I would recommend everyone to adopt Ubuntu both as your philosophy and as your operating system for code development. Most server-side software runs on Linux. By having Ubuntu (a Debian styled Linux) in your Mac or Windows laptop, you create a quick development environment for server-side software.

Using VirtualBox to create this self-contained development environment on your laptop is a better approach than using OSX or installing Cygwin in your laptop. This approach is also better than installing Linux as a secondary OS for your laptop. More often than not you will find yourself checking emails or using applications in your laptop’s primary operating system. It is just not practical to restart your laptop and boot another operating system every time you’d want to do something on the other OS. Moreover, if you are not careful, installing Linux as a secondary OS is dangerous and will wipe your primary OS. This will result in complete data loss on your primary OS.

Watch the below video to understand how to install Ubuntu on Mac (or Windows) using VirtualBox.

Once you have installed Linux, I recommend the following books to get a deeper understanding of Linux and Ubuntu. Mastery of Linux is a must have for any software developer to land high paying jobs.

Links for download:

  1. Download Virtualbox for Mac, OSX
  2. Download Virtualbox extension pack
  3. Mirror to install Ubuntu. Check here for recent versions.
  4. Download ubuntu 18.10 desktop iso image
  5. Ubuntu Logo

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