Comparing FugeTek FT-569 vs FT-568 vs FT-565, bluetooth selfie stick tripod or monopod

FugeTek® Selfie Stick is sold by Lonestar Industry Group. (FugeTek is Lonestar Industry Group’s registered brand with USPTO.) 

FugeTek sticks are either tripods or monopods. In this article we summarize the differences between various FugeTek models and help with your purchase.

FT-569 is their latest (as of Dec 2018) model

The various parts of FT-569 are shipped inside a cute black pouch. These include,

The tripod itself. What I like most about this model is the Flick Lock system (buttons that open and snap) to increase or reduce the stick’s height. This tripod extends to 51 inches!! This is a huge design improvement to Twist Lock systems. For travel, the FT-569 collapses to a convenient and portable 19 inch long bundle of sticks.

Why is Flick Lock better than Twist Lock? In Twist Lock systems you have to twist and turn to increase or reduce the height of the stick. I find this mechanism difficult to change the height of a stick. Also, your selfies can become wobbly as Twist Lock sticks taper when extended and become loose if not twisted tight enough. These problems are not there with Flick Lock systems making it a better design choice.

A head piece, which is a universal thumbscrew phone mount. This is a vice like system that can be extended or collapsed to hold various phone sizes. You can  screw this to the tripod simply by twisting. No tools are required. You can mount phones that are up to 4.2 inches wide.

A remote to trigger photos or videos on the phone. The remote connects via bluetooth to your phone. The remote is compatible with Android 4.3 and above or iPhone (worked for 6s), but may not be compatible with other devices like GoPro.

There is a small remote holder at the base of the tripod, that holds the remote. 

A USB to remote connector. Use this to charge the remote. No batteries are required.

FT-568 is the Flick Lock monopod version

FT-568 is a monopod (FT-569 is a tripod+monopod) that extends to 49 inches (51 inches for FT-569). For travel you can collapse this to 16.7 inches (19 inches for FT-569)The remote, and Flick Lock extension mechanisms are similar to FT-569. If you don’t want the tripod and want to save a few dollars go for this model instead. It is also a little bit more portable than the FT-569. On the other hand, if you want a single system that acts like a selfie stick and a tripod I recommend the FT-569. You can collapse the tripod on the FT-569 separately to behave like a monopod. 

FT-565 is the Twist Lock monopod version

While the FT-568 is a Flick Lock system, the FT-565 is a Twist Lock system. Though Twist Lock systems are troublesome on long sticks, the FT-565 extends only to 32 inches and does not suffer from wobble selfies. For travel you can collapse this to 7.5 inches. This makes it very portable. However, if you have a wide phone this model may pose a problem as the head can expand to a maximum of 3.2 inches. Ensure your phone is less than 3.2 inches wide before purchasing this model.

All 3 models are durable, made of Aluminum and Lightweight.

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Based our analysis we give FugeTek FT-569 4 stars. We will give 5 stars, if they figure out a way to make it stand in windy or rugged landscapes.


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