Flying the quadcopter drone, a great under $30 drone.

We had a lot of fun with this small and cheap drone. To my surprise, though it looked like another one of those cheap plastic toys, it handled pretty well.

It is a great indoor drone. This drone is not noisy and small enough to fit your palm. I accidentally touched the blades while spinning but did not hurt my fingers.

My first observation was the absence of any brand name on the drone. The only text on the whole drone was the word “drone” itself.

To charge the drone I removed the battery from the drone, attached it to the USB stick (comes with the drone) and plugged the USB stick to my laptop. Once the red light on the USB stick glowed, I removed the battery from the USB stick and plugged it back inside the drone.

I opened my Play Store on my iPhone (or App Store for Android) and searched for the name “airfun ufo” and installed the app. I had to press and hold the red button on the drone to start it. Once the blue and red lights on the drone blinked, I knew I was ready to fly it!!

I had around 10 minutes of flight time!

I found this to be the cheapest drone on market that actually behaves like a drone and not a toy. Watch the video below to learn how to fly this drone!

Click on the images to buy your drone!

(The model reviewed in this post, seems to be sold out, but try the ones above as they are very similar)

Have fun flying RC Quadcopter drones! I invite you to leave a comment if you liked them as much as I did.

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