Comparing Fender Stratocaster guitars special vs classic vs deluxe series.

A Fender Stratocaster is an excellent guitar. I’m partial to the Stratocaster series. I have owned one for over 10 years and it works just as it did when I first bought it.

Fender Stratocasters are known for their cutaway style. This allows you to play higher frets easily. The special models are slightly longer than classic and deluxe models. The special models come with HSS (Hum, Sing Sing) style pickups. The special models also come with the SSS (three single coil pickups). This is the original Stratocaster style. HSS pickups have a humbucker (double coil) and produces thicker and heavier sounds. These were favored by bands like Nirvana.

The classic and deluxe models are slightly cheaper than the special model, probably due to differences in the guitar bridge system. The fulcrum bridge system is cheaper and is seen in deluxe models. The vintage fulcrum bridge system is costlier and is seen in special and classic models. These guitars are made of alder or ash (body) and maple (neck) wood.

Overall, they are excellent guitars and make a good instrument for amateur and professional guitar players alike. When you purchase one, make sure to also purchase the fender guitar amplifier. Since the electric guitar is an instrument level system (in between the mic and line), it requires an amplifier. The fender guitar amp amplifies the signal from your guitar and serves as the speaker for your guitar. Besides amplification and sound output, you can also use the fender guitar amp to provide effects like distortion, reverb, echo, and delay.

You will also need a TS guitar cable to plug your guitar to the amp.

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How does a stratocaster sound? Watch this video.

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