Backpack with wheels for school, waterproof, and sturdy

I have always found it difficult to buy backpacks for my son. In fact, I have never gotten one right. Backpacks available at stores like Walmart or Target are flimsy. They are usually not big enough for middle or high school purposes. Once you put in everything a child needs for school, you cannot close these backpacks. By trying to close a full backpack you will end up breaking its zipper mechanism. I have lost many a backpack to this scenario.

If you do find a backpack that can hold everything, you will find it difficult to walk half a mile with the backpack on your shoulders. This is tough for any adult let alone a child. An average middle schooler’s backpack weighs 20 pounds. Every kid, boy or girl, strong or weak, large or small, has to carry this load daily. Now, add a musical instrument to the mix, like a violin inside a case. This adds another 15 pounds to what a child carries to school every day.

It drizzles a lot where we live. We also live on a hill. Though the school is nearby, walking up and down the hill on wet days with a heavy backpack on the shoulder is extremely difficult.

With the above challenges in mind, I started a quest for the best backpack. The chosen backpack should satisfy the following:

  • Large enough
    • At least 18 inch backpacks for middle and high schoolers.
  • Closes and opens easily
    • Strong Zippers with Quality Stitches.
  • Many compartments
    • Laptop must be protected from Doritos.
  • Holds heavy items
    • Should hold Laptop w/ charger and Binders.
  • Waterproof
    • Not for swimming, but must withstand rain.
  • Rolling wheels work on rugged surfaces
    • Wheels that roll easily on the Roads, Pavements and Indoors.
  • Contains shoulder straps
    • Shoulder straps and handles should not come in the way of one another.
  • Adjustable handles
    • At least two height settings.
  • Classy
    • No kid wants an ugly backpack!

The Green Camouflage 20 inch Rolling backpack from HollyHome satisfies the above checks. We would like to recommend this backpack for every middle and high schooler.

Our top backpack picks are below.

We have also added an excellent binder at the very end of this post that your child can carry inside these backpacks.

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