Script to git clone all repositories of a user from bitbucket

There you go! 1) Ensure python3 is available. prompt> python3 -V prompt> Python 3.7.2 (Should work with python2 also, but not tested) 2) Make sure you have “requests” module imported[…]

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How to setup CMD key for Ubuntu running in VirtualBox on MacOS

When you start working on Ubuntu VM [running on MacOS in VirtualBox], you will discover that the CMD (⌘) key does not work the same way it did on your Macbook. On MacOS you must do CMD+C to copy something. On Ubuntu you must instead do CTRL+C to copy something. Definitely not what you want! If you press CMD+C when inside the Ubuntu VM, you will instead break out of VirtualBox’s Full Screen mode. There is a simple fix to this problem!

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How to set resolution, Ubuntu Guest OS running in VirtualBox on MacOS

I had just installed VirtualBox 6.0 on MacOS (MacbookPro 2018), created a VM and installed Ubuntu 18.10 as the Guest OS. When I started my VM, the ubuntu was a[…]

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