How to setup CMD key for Ubuntu running in VirtualBox on MacOS

When you start working on Ubuntu VM [running on MacOS in VirtualBox], you will discover that the CMD (⌘) key does not work the same way it did on your Macbook. On MacOS you must do CMD+C to copy something. On Ubuntu you must instead do CTRL+C to copy something. Definitely not what you want! If you press CMD+C when inside the Ubuntu VM, you will instead break out of VirtualBox’s Full Screen mode. There is a simple fix to this problem!

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How to set resolution, Ubuntu Guest OS running in VirtualBox on MacOS

I had just installed VirtualBox 6.0 on MacOS (MacbookPro 2018), created a VM and installed Ubuntu 18.10 as the Guest OS. When I started my VM, the ubuntu was a[…]

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Iphone screen repair

How to repair a broken iPhone Screen?

Have a professional repair your broken iPhone screens. It is cheaper than taking it to an Apple store. It is better than trying it by yourself and then calling a tech afterwards. Pros have the tools, and the knowledge.

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Instant Pot 6QT Duo

Should I buy an Instant Pot?

Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker that has consistently held the best seller position for many years now.

So what else must you consider before buying an Instant Pot?

3 important reasons
You can replace many appliances, all currently doing what the Instant Pot can do.
Instant Pot is a Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Rice Cooker and Yogurt Maker.
You have adequate counter space.
The Instant Pot is not small in size. Make sure you have space on your counter, one that is also close to a power outlet.
You must at least have 15″ x 15″ x 15″ of free counter space.
You believe conventional pressure cookers to be unsafe and require a safer alternative.

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Lenovo USB-C Hub

Does the Macbook Pro 2018 have USB ports or require a USB-C hub?

Yes. It has 4 USB-C ports. You are better off getting the Lenovo USB C Hub, 7 In 1 Type C Adapter With USB C PD Power Delivery, 4K HDMI, SD/TF Card Reader, 3 USB 3.0 Ports Compatible For USB C Devices for the Macbook Pro 2018.

In total there are 5 ports in a Macbook Pro 2018.

4 USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. 2 on each side.
1 Headphone Jack (3.5mm) port.
No other ports!

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What is the best laptop today, answer, Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro is the best laptop out there.

The various types of laptops you can purchase today are:

Windows based laptops, including surface books.
Linux based laptops
Mac Lineup from Apple
Windows Laptops
After years of using laptops that run various Windows operating systems (OS), I was not going to buy one again. Fancy as they maybe on the outside, I’m always wary of Windows inside.  The ones I had, all crashed at some point and I had to re-image them with Ubuntu.

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A Fanny Pack that is Stylish and Practical

The best fanny pack/waist belt for runners and travelers is the Fusion Belt.

Unlike other fanny packs, the Fusion Belt merges fashion and function to give you a stylish but useful waist belt. You just wrap it, open the zip, put in your phone and carry on.

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Revealed – The best chopper for dicing onions

The best chopper for dicing onions is not the most expensive, but rather the simple but efficient Vidalia Chop Wizard

Does not come with 7, 8, …, 13 useless attachments.
Comes with the dicer blade, which is absent in most other competitors. The dicer blade is the blade with the smallest squares.

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360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigating, Multiple-Floor

This robotic vacuum cleaner has over 75% 5 star reviews.


Adjustable Cleaning Modes and Noise Level
Transitions to carpeted areas with ease
Set Climbing Threshold

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Ring Doorbell – Who Stopped By Your Home?

My Uber driver got a call on his phone. It sounded like a door bell. He answered the call and entered into a video conference. On the other end of the video call, was a handyman holding his toolbox.

The handyman had started the video call by ringing the driver’s Ring Video Doorbell. The driver had answered his door remotely using a smartphone. I was fascinated by the whole experience.

Like my driver, you too can answer your door remotely by installing the Ring Video Doorbell device.

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Backpack with wheels for school, waterproof, and sturdy

I have always found it difficult to buy backpacks for my son. In fact, I have never gotten one right. Backpacks available at stores like Walmart or Target are flimsy. They are usually not big enough for middle or high school purposes. Once you put in everything a child needs for school, you cannot close these backpacks. By trying to close a full backpack you will end up breaking its zipper mechanism. I have lost many a backpack to this scenario.

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