What is the best laptop today, answer, Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro is the best laptop out there.

The various types of laptops you can purchase today are:

Windows based laptops, including surface books.
Linux based laptops
Mac Lineup from Apple
Windows Laptops
After years of using laptops that run various Windows operating systems (OS), I was not going to buy one again. However, fancy they are starting to look on the outside, I’m always wary of Windows inside.  The ones I had, all crashed at some point and I had to re-image them with Ubuntu.

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A Fanny Pack that is Stylish and Practical

The best fanny pack/waist belt for runners and travelers is the Fusion Belt.

Unlike other fanny packs, the Fusion Belt merges fashion and function to give you a stylish but useful waist belt. You just wrap it, open the zip, put in your phone and carry on.

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Revealed – The best chopper for dicing onions

The best chopper for dicing onions is not the most expensive, but rather the simple but efficient Vidalia Chop Wizard

Does not come with 7, 8, …, 13 useless attachments.
Comes with the dicer blade, which is absent in most other competitors. The dicer blade is the blade with the smallest squares.

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360 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigating, Multiple-Floor

This robotic vacuum cleaner has over 75% 5 star reviews.


Adjustable Cleaning Modes and Noise Level
Transitions to carpeted areas with ease
Set Climbing Threshold

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Ring Doorbell – Who Stopped By Your Home?

My Uber driver got a call on his phone. It sounded like a door bell. He answered the call and entered into a video conference. On the other end of the video call, was a handyman holding his toolbox.

The handyman had started the video call by ringing the driver’s Ring Video Doorbell. The driver had answered his door remotely using a smartphone. I was fascinated by the whole experience.

Like my driver, you too can answer your door remotely by installing the Ring Video Doorbell device.

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Backpack with wheels for school, waterproof, and sturdy

I have always found it difficult to buy backpacks for my son. In fact, I have never gotten one right. Backpacks available at stores like Walmart or Target are flimsy. They are usually not big enough for middle or high school purposes. Once you put in everything a child needs for school, you cannot close these backpacks. By trying to close a full backpack you will end up breaking its zipper mechanism. I have lost many a backpack to this scenario.

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Comparing Fender Stratocaster guitars special vs classic vs deluxe series.

A Fender Stratocaster is an excellent guitar. I’m partial to the Stratocaster series. I have owned one for over 10 years and it works just as it did when I first bought it.

Fender Stratocasters are known for their cutaway style. This allows you to play higher frets easily. The special models are slightly longer than classic and deluxe models. The special models come with HSS (Hum, Sing Sing) style pickups. The special models also come with the SSS (three single coil pickups). This is the original Stratocaster style. HSS pickups have a humbucker (double coil) and produces thicker and heavier sounds. These were favored by bands like Nirvana.

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Comparing FugeTek FT-569 vs FT-568 vs FT-565, bluetooth selfie stick tripod or monopod

FT-569 is their latest (as of Dec 2018) model
The various parts of FT-569 are shipped inside a cute black pouch. These include,

The tripod itself. What I like most about this model is the Flick Lock system (buttons that open and snap) to increase or reduce the stick’s height. This tripod extends to 51 inches!! This is a huge design improvement to Twist Lock systems. For travel, the FT-569 collapses to a convenient and portable 19 inch long bundle of sticks.

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Flying the quadcopter drone, a great under $30 drone.

RC Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera Live Video – 2 Batteries – Flexible Foldable Aerofoils – App WiFi Phone Control – Altitude Hold 3D Flips & Rolls- 6-Axis Gyro Gravity Sensor RTF Helicopter, Black

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How to install and run Ubuntu 18 on Mac, Windows, using VirtualBox by Exdiscoran

The word Ubuntu refers to the African philosophy for human kindness. Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu as follows: When a traveller through the country stops at a village, people give him food and attend to him of their own accord.

I would recommend everyone to adopt Ubuntu both as your philosophy and as your operating system for code development. Most server-side software runs on Linux. By having Ubuntu (a Debian styled Linux) in your Mac or Windows laptop, you create a quick development environment for server-side software.

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Penetration Testing, Kali Linux, Virtual Box, Mac, Windows by Exdiscoran.

Setting up Kali Linux for Penetration Testing is a breeze. Kali Linux is one among the many tools used by Application Security Engineers (ASE). ASE engineers are in high demand and earn on an average $130,000 USD [SF Bay Area 2019]. Many large companies especially in social media and financial services have open requisitions on ASE job roles. Government projects that require application security and clearances also create a demand for ASEs.

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